Friday, March 25, 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

Serangoon food centre and market

  • Chomp Chomp

My Village

My Village:

- Has cafes, bookstores and relaxing spots

- Newly opened

- Has stores selling delicious food

Chomp Chomp:

- opened in 1972

- nicknamed “Chomp Chomp” probably because that was the sound of eating which many happy and satisfied customers made, while 'chomping' down their food

-well known for its fried chai tow kuay, hokkien mee, satay, barbecued-seafood and satay beehoon.

  • Serangoon Market and Food Centre
  • - The Serangoon Gardens Food Centre sells really 'shiok' and yummy food like roti-john, nasi lemak, nonya kuehs, char kway teow, dumplings, Teochew duck rice
  • - Houses many stalls from the now defunct Taman Serasi Food Centre.

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